Ever since my grandfather gave me a construction set when I was a toddler, I've had a thing for hardware stores. I love the sense of possibilities, and visiting OSH or Home Depot is almost as good, in my personal rating system, as visiting a bookstore or stationery store.

Today, rather than risk getting lost in the overwhelming warehouseyness of HD, we opted to go to a store that specialized only in PAINT. We were there about half an hour, and left $140 later with primer, white semi-gloss for the frames of some doors, a gallon of flat paint in a kind of clay-y color (not as orange as terra cotta, but not really a brown). They call it 'trattoria' and it should be a perfect replacement for our purple wall, and tie in the sand colored carpet, and the hardwood floors, and all, and lend some warmth to the room.

We also bought a quart of a color called Ambria, which is basically a palepale blush pink/beige, to do the entry. After arguing with Fuzzy and NOT getting a 2nd quart of the same color in semi-gloss for the upstairs bathroom, we returned home, and I said, “See, the kitchen is, too, a different color than the entry, and see, it is a semi-gloss.” So we'll go back for a quart of Ambria in semi-gloss later. We have to do the texturing and masking first, anyway.

Even though all this paint is for the condo we're leaving, it's one of the parts of this process that I'm really excited about. So much so, that I told Fuzzy, “I get to paint the new house, too, right?”

But he cringed. “Too much work!”