It’s Done!

We worked like dogs, and my day off that was supposed to be a rest day for my birthday ended up being a workday. It's good that we never bothered to confirm plans for dinner last night, because at midnight, I was still painting the entry. We tried hard to match the original color, but it's still about half a shade darker than the original, which means we have to paint the whole front section, after all, but at least we don't have to rush.

By the time Pablo came yesterday afternoon to clean our carpets, Fuzzy and I were both in tears, and I was so stressed and tired that I was ready to call Anne and say, “Forget it, this isn't worth it.” But Fuzzy knew that I was just reacting to workstuff and homestuff, and didn't really mean that. Did I mention that I'm also having the PMS week from hell on top of everything else? Do I need to?

At noon today, I went to take a nap with the dogs while Fuzzy finished some outside stuff. At 12:56 he woke me from the deepest sleep I've had in weeks, telling me Anne was on her way, and there was already a couple with a toddler waiting to see the place, and was it okay to let them in? “Take the dogs,” I told him, “and I'll invite them inside.” So I smoothed the bed, and slipped on shoes, and they wandered around my house. “Oooh,” said Wife, “There's room for your weight set here, and look at the bathroom? It's so cute.” (For those who don't know, the powder room on the first floor of our townhouse is painted to look like a field beyond a picket fence.)

They won't, I don't think, make an offer, because they seemed to really want one more bedroom, but they wanted to send a friend. At 4 PM Anne called us to let us know that about 30 people (though people means 'buying units' and could mean couples) wandered through. That's actually really good for the first weekend on the market. She thinks we may get offers this week. I'm trying not to hope, and yet I want this to go quickly, just because I want to move NOW. (Patience is not one of my virtues, these days).

So, even though I had drive-through Bento for my birthday dinner, and am now at work trying to catch up, at least I know all the work we did was not completely wasted. (Also, Anne herself was impressed, and the formerly-purple wall which I painted something kinda salmon-y looks AMAZING, and echoes one of the colors in the living room rug.

It's 5:26 on Sunday evening, and my weekend has been spent doing things that no one should have to do on their weekend, but, finally, it's DONE.