I've just gotten word from my Realtor that our offer was accepted on the last house we considered. This house, which looks really plain from the outside, but is quite nice inside. It still doesn't have a formal dining room, but it does have a real dining area, and more than two bedrooms, and the master suite has a den/office/spare room thing as part of it. The back yard is mostly occupied by a 20' oval doughboy pool, that's been sunken into the ground, though there's just enough grass to enjoy without it being a lifetime project. There's also a covered patio that runs the length of the house, as well as a dog run.

The kitchen has TONS of storage, the garage has a storage loft, and oh, wonder of wonders, the inside walls are flat plaster NOT TEXTURIZED. I hate texturized walls.

It's on a street that doesn't really go through to anything, so even though the surrounding neighborhood is busy, this street is not. I'm told that there are only two non-owner occupied properties on the entire block, which is cool.

So, now to sell the condo, and by the end of September, we'll have moved. Woo!