Demonology 101


Brief: The task was to revamp yesterday’s unstageable play into something that could work on a stage… but I went off-brief.


SARAH:                      Portal? You… you came from the cauldron?

GLYLLY:                    Black metal container? Yeah. You know you’re supposed to make a protective circle and put the vessel in it, right?

SARAH:                      Um….

GLYLLY:                    It’s how you make sure whatever you Call doesn’t get out and hurt you.

SARAH:                      Are you? Going to hurt me?

GLYLLY:                    Well, you hurt me first!

SARAH:                      I didn’t mean to. I was scared. (beat) Are you really a demon?

GLYLLY:                    I am. My name’s Fnarglyl, but my friends call me Glylly. (beat) Are you really a pink skin – I mean – a human?


Follow the link below to read the entire play:

019 – Demonology 101

One thought on “Demonology 101

  1. Sweet! Who knew demons could be little kids. Epic line: “Do your parents know you’re summoning demons?”

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