Agua y Fuego

Madrid Motto

Brief:  Write a play that is a love letter to part (or all) of Europe.


Ignacio:            I had some tea from the replicator, thanks. And you’re underestimating with “chilly.” The last hour of the trip, I couldn’t feel my fingers… or my chin.

Naomi:            I guess I’m just acclimated. Well, don’t worry; you won’t have to visit the surface anytime soon, and once you’ve passed quarantine, you’ll have access to the hot springs.

Ignacio:            Hot springs? I didn’t think Europa had geothermal heat?

Naomi:            Europa doesn’t. Nuevo Madrid does. We cycle our waste energy through a couple of the springs within the complex, filter out any traces of radiation – don’t worry, there’s nothing harmful. Well, there was that one person who grew gills…

Follow the link below to read the entire play:

02 – Agua y Fuego