A Match Made in Purgatory

Martian demon via 123rf.com

Brief: Write a play using one or more of some pre-defined characters, using some or all of the provided traits.

Notes: I didn’t feel that any of the suggested characters were speaking with me so I went to the THEY FIGHT CRIME generator and stole two that I liked, but used a couple of traits from the pre-defined characters.


HOBBES:                    Then how did you mean it?

CALVIN:                    I’m Aristide. Calvin Aristide. Metal dude on my right is Sparky.

HOBBES:                    (ruffling her wings in irritation) And this information matters to me… why?

CALVIN:                    (annoyed) The Agency didn’t tell you? I’m your new partner.

HOBBES:                    The Agency hasn’t bothered to contact me in weeks. They still blame me for what happened with the last guy. It wasn’t my fault he decided to go to Kestrel Five without me. I mean, who does that?


Figured they’d call me in, put me on permanent sabbatical, not assign a new partner. Do you drink?

CALVIN:                    Well, not blood…


Follow the link below to read the entire play:

04 – Match Made in Purgatory

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