Neighborhood Watch

28 Plays Later – 2018

Challenge #2:

Go outside and have a look around you. Notice things. People. Animals. Buildings. Let something that you see outside be the starting point of the play…. And as yesterday’s challenge was set in your hometown, today take it as far away as possible. Maybe a different country – or maybe a different planet – or maybe a different universe … If you add yourself as a character in the play – you will get bonus points! 

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What? Sorry, there is this RUDE squirrel keeps landing in my bird feeder.) Where was I? Right! So, I called the doctor, and his girl said he could see me a week from Friday, and I said, ‘Listen Missy, I am all covered with these big old RED spots, and ain’t no way I’m gonna wait til the end of next week to see what’s what.

So, finally, she said she’d try to squeeze me in and…


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Neighborhood Watch