Utopia Rising

28 Plays Later – Challenge #23

…And besides, who even wants to write about the real world?! We’re writers, creators of worlds. We should make things up. Why would anybody be interested in art that’s “true”?! (still brewing here…)

Plus, I think we all deserve a good holiday! If only we had a skill that can help with that! Oh wait … we do!!!

So let’s create the best word ever! I think we can all do with a nice Utopia, right?

Copyright: kentoh / 123RF Stock Photo




BASIL:                        (patiently) Elizabeth, I have asked you more than once not to use the word ‘glitch’ in reference to your brother’s condition.

ELIZABETH:             He’s not my brother; he’s a Synth.

BASIL:                        I am also a Synthetic being, and yet I am still your father.

ELIZABETH:             That’s different.

BASIL:                        Is it? Elizabeth, the fact that your mother and I have chosen to expand our family by creating George does not mean that we love you any less. You are our daughter, and you are precious to us.

ELIZABETH:             I know but… it’s bad enough, Dad, hearing kids talk about how mom is married to a robot.


To read the entire play, click the link below:

2018-23 – Utopia Rising