All I Am, All I Have

28 Plays Later – Challenge #20
I’d like you to write about dates. Blind dates, speed dates, pub dates, stood-up dates and ‘my kids mustn’t know I’m here’ dates.
And for all you clever-clogs, if you’re writing about the fruit, then dates on a date.


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HARMONY: I’d have picked a better place if I’d known you could spare the time. Usually you warn me you’re coming; you send a storm.

OSKAR: Yes, but no storm tonight. Is… date, not… tryst. Also, this place is where I want.

HARMONY: You chose it on purpose?

OSKAR: Is best place on earth to watch the moon and stars come.

HARMONY: I had it on good authority that I was your ‘moon and stars.’

OSKAR (simple, honest): No. You are breath and blood to me.


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2018-20 – All I Am