Less Than Three

28 Plays Later – Challenge #18

So your challenge for today – write a play using emojis, gifs, and any other non verbal imagery that is now used as forms of communication.
Perhaps the entire play is in emojis, perhaps only the stage directions, perhaps use them sporadically in the dialogue.
Either way, use them!
USE THEM, I say!



Copyright: <a href='https://www.123rf.com/profile_stevanovicigor'>stevanovicigor / 123RF Stock Photo</a>




DAVID closes the lid of his laptop, and picks up the phone.

DAVID (texting): U there? (smilie)

SARAH picks up her phone and looks at it, then grins softly.

SARAH (texting): I was just writing to you. (grin emoji)

DAVID (texting): Me too! But then I realized I’d have to wait for you to read email. (beat) I was just thinking about that last day on the boat (ship emoji)

SARAH: (texting): You mean when were in the hot tub and things got… (gif of couple in hot tub about to kiss) ???

DAVID (texting): (blushing smiley) Yeah… that…

To read the entire play, click the link below:

2018-18 – Less Than Three