In Dreams

28 Plays Later – Challenge  #3

Tap into your dreams… and put them on stage. I expect the unexpected. Or do I? I want to see things that can not make sense. I want hallucinatory experiences. I want a disruption of conventional notions of form.

Oh, and make the production huge. Try to make the budget sky rocket (maybe literally) – spend as much money as you can – but make the whole experience feel like a dream.

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Welcome to my nightmare. Or yours. Maybe both. It doesn’t really matter. So, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted…

(turns and glares toward the bed)

… nightmares are stimulated by a variety of things. Sometimes they’re caused by things that you see on television or in films – violent crimes in police procedures, or monsters like Dracula or Freddy Krueger.

Sometimes, nightmares are a representation of our fears and phobias, even the silly ones.

(looks down at the table, appears to see something crawling on it, mushes it with her thumb and then wipes her thumb on a napkin.

She shudders visibly.)

Ants. Horrible little creatures. And they’re everywhere.

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2018-03 – In Dreams