Body Positive – a (Really Long) Monologue

28 Plays Later – Challenge #24
So, as you’ve gathered, I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of whether art should be truthful, or indeed should attempt at representing truth (or perhaps it does so inherently), and if it does, why? And what does it even mean to be truthful? Perhaps it’s all nonsensical.

Sebastian! What’s the frigging challenge?”
oh… uhm… I have no idea!


About the play:

One of my favorite ways to relax during the summer months is to float in my swimming pool, under a canopy of trees, watching the birds flit from branch to branch. I’ve been nursing a knee injury that’s been coming and going for months, and then over Christmas, I slipped on my deck, pulled my hamstring, and re-injured it It’s only now that I’m finally able to sit for more than half an hour at a time, and while soaking in bubble baths with lavender-scented epsom salts has helped, it’s not the same as floating. At the same time, a friend on Facebook mentioned that she’d recently hurt her hip while in a theatrical production and mentioned floating as a way to take stress off her hip. That gave me the inspiration to make my character an actor in a show. My friend Nutty, fellow fat woman, is a phenomenal artist, and every year she observes Lent as a period of daily creativity. She’s also an eloquent speaker and writer on the subject of loving your own body, no matter the size, something I know I still struggle with, as do many, many women. This character is mostly me, with a dash of Nutty and a few other friends. (Except I’ve never had children.)

About the art:

I sent Nutty a copy of this play – which is really a monologue – and asked her if she’d let me use on of her nudes to help illustrate it. She did, but then she said, “but your piece has inspired today’s art.” And so, around one am Sunday morning, she sent me this link. I asked if I could use the piece, and she responded that she hoped I would. And so, we’ve created an infinite loop of mutual inspiration. Please visit Nutty’s site for more awesome pieces of art.  Click here for DAILY CREATIVITY.

Floating Woman, by Nuchtchas





I mean, let’s be honest, I’m not in my twenties anymore. Hell, it’s been a while since I’ve seen thirty. Or forty. I’ve had a child – nursed her – I’ve never completely gotten over my love affair with carbs. I hate working out. I have dance training, but I’ve never been a natural dancer, and there’s a reason I play character parts.

My body shows all of that. My body is the reason.

But even without that…. Even without just one of those things, I’ve always been the girl – the woman – who was teased for being fat. Who had to wear a bra at the age of eight. Who is always too short and too loud and too hairy and too busty and too round.

(I mean, seriously, in the event of a water landing, my tits are built-in flotation devices).

To read the entire play, click the link below:

2018-24 – Body Positive


Utopia Rising

28 Plays Later – Challenge #23

…And besides, who even wants to write about the real world?! We’re writers, creators of worlds. We should make things up. Why would anybody be interested in art that’s “true”?! (still brewing here…)

Plus, I think we all deserve a good holiday! If only we had a skill that can help with that! Oh wait … we do!!!

So let’s create the best word ever! I think we can all do with a nice Utopia, right?

Copyright: kentoh / 123RF Stock Photo




BASIL:                        (patiently) Elizabeth, I have asked you more than once not to use the word ‘glitch’ in reference to your brother’s condition.

ELIZABETH:             He’s not my brother; he’s a Synth.

BASIL:                        I am also a Synthetic being, and yet I am still your father.

ELIZABETH:             That’s different.

BASIL:                        Is it? Elizabeth, the fact that your mother and I have chosen to expand our family by creating George does not mean that we love you any less. You are our daughter, and you are precious to us.

ELIZABETH:             I know but… it’s bad enough, Dad, hearing kids talk about how mom is married to a robot.


To read the entire play, click the link below:

2018-23 – Utopia Rising

UnPlanned Parenthood

28 Plays Later – Challenge #22

Compassion… understanding… open-mindness… aren’t we all so friggin’ awesome (!) But can we truly be tolerant and respectful of people who are wron… I mean, people who have views that differ from ours?
So let’s try and see the world from their point of view?

But – you have to make sure that you do this without being sarcastic, without trying to prove them wrong… but from an honest place of understanding and acceptance!


Copyright: <a href=''>dolgachov / 123RF Stock Photo</a>




I know this is a contentious issue. I live in the world. But today my oldest daughter, Erika, asked me why I hate women when I told her she couldn’t donate her allowance to Planned Parenthood, and I want to try and give her an answer.

First, I don’t hate women. Erika’s mother was a strong, independent woman. When we divorced, it wasn’t because I was leaning more republican and she was leaning more democrat, although we were; it was because we’d gotten married when we were barely more than kids, and our needs and desires had outgrown each other’s. We’re still friends, and we’re both active in our children’s lives.

To read the entire piece, click the link below:

2018-22 – UnPlanned Parenthood


Lock Her Down

28 Plays Later – Challenge #21
So let’s do that! Let’s write a play with the intention of offending others.
For bonus points – write something that offends you!
But like – TRULY makes you scream in anger and upset!


Copyright: <a href=''>sdecoret / 123RF Stock Photo</a>





CHARLIE:       Okay, let’s get started. Bill, it’s great that you’re allowed to talk to Bobby now. How do you feel about that?

BILL:               How do you think I feel. I’m pissed that I have to have permission to talk to my own kid…

CHARLIE:       Is that all?

BILL:               No, I…. I’m glad they’re letting me have the phone call. Even if it is only five minutes.

MARK:            Five minutes is five minutes more than I get.

SAM:               You did put her mother in the hospital for a month.

MARK:            Her bruises were so pretty, though. And the screams….


To read the entire play, click the link below:

2018-21 – Lock Her Down

All I Am, All I Have

28 Plays Later – Challenge #20
I’d like you to write about dates. Blind dates, speed dates, pub dates, stood-up dates and ‘my kids mustn’t know I’m here’ dates.
And for all you clever-clogs, if you’re writing about the fruit, then dates on a date.


Copyright: <a href=''>katalinks / 123RF Stock Photo</a>




HARMONY: I’d have picked a better place if I’d known you could spare the time. Usually you warn me you’re coming; you send a storm.

OSKAR: Yes, but no storm tonight. Is… date, not… tryst. Also, this place is where I want.

HARMONY: You chose it on purpose?

OSKAR: Is best place on earth to watch the moon and stars come.

HARMONY: I had it on good authority that I was your ‘moon and stars.’

OSKAR (simple, honest): No. You are breath and blood to me.


To read the entire play, click the link below:

2018-20 – All I Am

I’d Do Anything for Love

28 Plays Later – Challenge #19
Title Provided: “I’d do anything for love (but I won’t do that)”
For bonus points – stick a meatloaf in there somewhere!


Copyright: <a href=''>kentoh / 123RF Stock Photo</a>



ZOE:               I may have ordered meatloaf, but it’s still replicated meatloaf. You know as well as I do that it’s not actually animal flesh, any more than you are.

BASIL:            That is true, but…

ZOE:               (bringing her tray to the table and placing a salad in front of BASIL. Both of them will eat their meals during the conversation.) I know, it’s the principal of the thing. From replicated meat to actual meat is a slippery slope you ‘have no wish to encounter.’

BASIL:            You are imitating me.

ZOE:               Yes, but I do it out of love… speaking of which…

BASIL:            (wary) Yes?

ZOE:               When were you going to tell me your mother was a Synth, like you?


To read the entire play, click the link below.

2018-19 – Anything for Love

Less Than Three

28 Plays Later – Challenge #18

So your challenge for today – write a play using emojis, gifs, and any other non verbal imagery that is now used as forms of communication.
Perhaps the entire play is in emojis, perhaps only the stage directions, perhaps use them sporadically in the dialogue.
Either way, use them!
USE THEM, I say!



Copyright: <a href=''>stevanovicigor / 123RF Stock Photo</a>




DAVID closes the lid of his laptop, and picks up the phone.

DAVID (texting): U there? (smilie)

SARAH picks up her phone and looks at it, then grins softly.

SARAH (texting): I was just writing to you. (grin emoji)

DAVID (texting): Me too! But then I realized I’d have to wait for you to read email. (beat) I was just thinking about that last day on the boat (ship emoji)

SARAH: (texting): You mean when were in the hot tub and things got… (gif of couple in hot tub about to kiss) ???

DAVID (texting): (blushing smiley) Yeah… that…

To read the entire play, click the link below:

2018-18 – Less Than Three

Frapping Pachelbel

28 Plays Later – Challenge #17

Let’s be super duper strict. Below are the rules for your play:

1. You must have 4 characters in the play – and the gender for 3 of them must be undefined! You can add two more – but only if they are not human.
2. One of the characters plays the banjo – really badly, and one character only speaks in rhyming couplets (can be the same if you like).
3. There must be a minimum of 3 pauses in the play, one of them must be a super long pause (think Pinter to the power of Pinter).
4. One of the characters has had relations with everybody else in the play (as well as characters that are mentioned but not seen).
5. Every line of dialogue must have one of the following: either 7 words, 12 words, 22 words, 29 words, 56 words or 99 words (you can punctuate as you like).
6. The play will contain three acts/scenes, but you can add one more if it’s a dream.
7. At some point, everybody on stage falls down to the ground.
8. Each scene/act must contain one person being told off for shouting (even though they didn’t shout), and another person revealing a big secret (even though it may not be true).
9. Each scene/act must have at least 10 lines of dialogue and 10 lines of actions.
10. Oh – and you must pick one letter of the alphabet (not Q, X or Z) for each character (each one can have a different one or the same) that they are not allowed to use in their dialogue at all.


Copyright: <a href=''>alenavlad / 123RF Stock Photo</a>



(a dark fantasia for string quartet… and banjo)



VIOLIN 1 (V-ONE), VIOLIN 2 (V-TWO), and CELLO enter from different directions, greet each other with awkward hugs, and then take their seats, leaving the chair between CELLO and V-TWO open.

CELLO (somewhat annoyed): I thought we were starting at two. Should we start warming up?

Before anyone can respond, CONDUCTOR and VIOLA enter together, pausing to share a kiss before they arrive at the group. They should be giggling and laughing like new lovers who were just having a quickie in one of the dressing rooms.

V-TWO:  Oh, look, though late, they’re alive!

Methought the pair would never arrive.

V-ONE:  Still significantly tardy, though, Conductor and Viola.

CELLO: Of course, they’re late. I bet they were busy canoodling. Brazen pair.

V-TWO: You imply that you and our baton holder

Never exhibited behavior bolder.

CELLO (to VIOLIN 2): Would using normal sentences cause your death?


To read the entire play, click the link below:

2018-17 – Frapping Pachelbel

Any Audience will Do

28 Plays Later – Challenge #16

Choose your favourite venue in the whole wide world – it can be a theatre you love, or another space, or somewhere (real or imaginary) that you would love your next play to be staged at.

Now write a play for that space.
Make sure it fits the stage size.
Make sure it fits the artistic remit of the venue.
Make sure it suits the audience that goes there…


Copyright: choreograph / 123RF Stock Photo




KATIE: Good evening, ladies and gentlewoman. I’m so glad you’re here for my one-woman show.

KATIE steps onto the plywood.

KATIE: I thought I’d start by dancing for you.

KATIE looks around, as if waiting for an orchestra to start.

KATIE (giggling): Oops!

KATIE steps off the board and over to the dresser, where there is a red and white record player. She places a record on it, and switches it on, then lifts the arm onto the record near the middle. Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer” plays.

KATIE (demonstrating): Now, it’s very important that you start with good posture, and then you do all your warm ups. In first position: tendu and back, tendu and back, side and back, side and back, and back and first, back and first. Now the other side (she repeats the actions on the other leg).

Now I will dance properly.

To read the entire piece, click the link below:

2018-16 – Any Audience Will Do

Red Sand, Hot Coffee

28 Plays Later – Challenge #15
Let’s write a saga…

Massive, huge stories that span over years and years.

Many characters,
several generations.

The bigger – the better.

Oh, and whoever has the most characters (all speaking and all well-rounded)

wins a Brucie Bonus! (although nobody is going to check or verify… or indeed hand it out)

Notes: This challenge hit me on a day when the weather was making my head mushy, and I was having a high pain day thanks to my autoimmune issues, so while the brief asks for a saga, I only wrote a sketch. Per the rules: you don’t have to follow the brief.

mars one





Here we are, ma’am.


I’m not old enough to be a ma’am. Call me Karen. (a beat) It’s awfully dark in here.


Let me just activate the system for you, ma’am.

LIEUTENANT flips a switch on the wall.


Power system, activated


It takes minute to juice up.

The lights slowly rise to ‘normal’ indoor lighting, slightly cool, like fluorescents.


Air filtration system, activated.


Can we take off the masks now?


Not just yet. The system will tell you.


Oxygen mix, optimum. You may now remove any breathing devices.


(stating the obvious)

It’s safe to remove your mask now ma’am.

To read the entire play, click the link below:

2018-15 – Red Sand Hot Coffee