UnPlanned Parenthood

28 Plays Later – Challenge #22

Compassion… understanding… open-mindness… aren’t we all so friggin’ awesome (!) But can we truly be tolerant and respectful of people who are wron… I mean, people who have views that differ from ours?
So let’s try and see the world from their point of view?

But – you have to make sure that you do this without being sarcastic, without trying to prove them wrong… but from an honest place of understanding and acceptance!


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I know this is a contentious issue. I live in the world. But today my oldest daughter, Erika, asked me why I hate women when I told her she couldn’t donate her allowance to Planned Parenthood, and I want to try and give her an answer.

First, I don’t hate women. Erika’s mother was a strong, independent woman. When we divorced, it wasn’t because I was leaning more republican and she was leaning more democrat, although we were; it was because we’d gotten married when we were barely more than kids, and our needs and desires had outgrown each other’s. We’re still friends, and we’re both active in our children’s lives.

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2018-22 – UnPlanned Parenthood