I’d Do Anything for Love

28 Plays Later – Challenge #19
Title Provided: “I’d do anything for love (but I won’t do that)”
For bonus points – stick a meatloaf in there somewhere!


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ZOE:               I may have ordered meatloaf, but it’s still replicated meatloaf. You know as well as I do that it’s not actually animal flesh, any more than you are.

BASIL:            That is true, but…

ZOE:               (bringing her tray to the table and placing a salad in front of BASIL. Both of them will eat their meals during the conversation.) I know, it’s the principal of the thing. From replicated meat to actual meat is a slippery slope you ‘have no wish to encounter.’

BASIL:            You are imitating me.

ZOE:               Yes, but I do it out of love… speaking of which…

BASIL:            (wary) Yes?

ZOE:               When were you going to tell me your mother was a Synth, like you?


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2018-19 – Anything for Love

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  1. Love the dialogue between Basil (we all know what his real name is, but we won’t say it :) and Zoe!

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