Would You Like Free Wi-fi With That Latte?

As an AT&T user both at home and on my cell, and a frequenter of Starbucks, I was intrigued when a twitterbuddy mentioned that the former will be taking over the wi-fi presence in the latter, beginning in Q2 of 2008.

I mean, I have a cell card should I desperately need to work online from a cafe, but still…

I was a little dubious, however, so I did a quick search and found articles in MacWorld and the like all supporting this information, as well as this piece from Gizmodo.

Even better? Just having a Starbucks card gets you two free hours of access a day, no purchase required.

Q2 cannot come soon enough. (Oh, wait, we’re almost there.)

One thought on “Would You Like Free Wi-fi With That Latte?

  1. WOO! Love the hair AND the layout! It’s fabulous.

    I’ve read about people blogging from Starbucks, and since I don’t have a laptop I only recently became aware that THEY CHARGE! I was all WHAT? The little bohunk coffee shop by my house has free wifi AND a computer you can use as long as you buy a coffee.

    You’d think people spent ENOUGH $$ at Starbucks to warrant some free wifi with coffee purchase.

    Is all I’m saying.

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