Excellent Blog

CajunVegan, who is pretty excellent herself, named me among the ten people she passed her own excellent blog award to, and I’m now sharing the love, and outing some excellence of my own, as per the rules which state I must:

  1. Identify and link the originator of this award: (That would be Kayla at Project Mommy)
  2. Pass on the award to at least ten other people.

    Here, then, are my picks, in alphabetical order by blog title:

    • Buck Naked Politics, because while I don’t talk politics in my own blog, I appreciate intelligent discourse among those who do.
    • The Daily Bitch, because not only is this woman incredibly cool about music and life, but she also encouraged my recent audio-drama audition, and her internet radio show kicks ass.
    • Fond of Snape. Not only is her blog Snape-a-licious, but Janet is an animal lover, and an amazing photographer, as well as all-round cool person.
    • The Fountain Pen. Catherine always shares these wonderful pieces of writing, helps us explore the Tao Te Ching, and is just a fascinating person.
    • Having Writ. Sister AE is an amazing, vivid writer. I found her through my writing prompt site, CafeWriting, and various other memes. Reading her stuff always blows my mind. In the best way.
    • Herb Urban. Quite possibly the funniest and most shameless blogger on the planet.
    • Incurable Insomniac. She’s away right now, but you should visit her, anyway. Trust me.
    • Matterings. I only “met” John tonight. He followed a link from elseblog, noticed I was pining for the ocean, and sent me a photo collage. How cool is that?
    • Notes from an Eclectic Mind. I met Rana through her blog, and then she became an offline friend, colleague, and so much more, when we moved to Texas. She completely rocks, albeit to an old-time country beat.
    • Richard INK. He found me on Twitter, and I fell in love with his pens and pencils. His email to answer a question showed we had tons in common – hats, and music, Sherlock Holmes and punky hair. Visit his site!.
    • Rooted. Gautami is an amazing poet. Amazing writer. Just amazing.
    • Utenzi Blog. Dave takes amazing photos, sometimes of whatever he’s cooking. He’s inspired me to make mac-n-cheese, among other things.
    • Writer’s Blog, “The Easywriter” is talented, generous of spirit, and just really cool. Read her stuff.
    • Written Inc. Carmi is an amazing photographer, and his blog, whether sporting snapshots in image or text, or a combination of the two, is always a fascinating place to hang for a while. Sort of like visiting the corner diner where you can have a great conversation, while also watching the two old guys in the corner playing a passionate game of chess.

    Now…go read stuff.