Today marks our thirteenth anniversary, Fuzzy’s and mine. We took the day off work to spend together but stayed up rather later than planned and then I checked email.

One should never check email on one’s day off.
Well, not work email.
Except I work from home, and even though I have separate accounts…do I need to go on?

Anyway, we’re not doing gifts or flowers today, as Fuzzy just bought a laptop and I’m about to buy a new one, too. We decided that was more than enough.

And of course, I have to be all hormonal and crampy today, which means I’m not in the mood for mini-golf or Dave and Busters, but that’s okay, because we’re going to go get lunch, bring it home, and then watch I AM LEGEND in the middle of the afternoon. (We thought about an actual movie, but there’s nothing playing anywhere that either of us want to see. Or, rather, that BOTH of us want to see, which is completely different.)

In any case, for all the jokes I make about renewing the contract, Fuzzy’s the only person on the planet who could honestly put up with my moods, dreams, ideas, and constant need for change.

I love him.
He loves me.
It’s all good.