FrouFrou and Frippery

Never underestimate the value of pretty underwear. I don’t necessarily mean hot lingerie in shiny flimsy materials, though those have their place, I mean, any normal underwear that comes in pretty colors and makes you happy.

While I never cease to remind my mother of the time she lifted her dress while driving some of my friends home to display the way her panties matched her outfit, the truth is, I’m just as keen on matching as she is, and I’ve got four new bras to prove it. Two of them are black, because my very favorite black bra finally had to be consigned to the land of dead clothing (which is largely populated by very lonely half-pairs of socks (but I digress)), and I wear a LOT of black, even in summer, so one plunges and one doesn’t quite. One is lacy and sheer and light. Hey, I like lace in moderation. And one is green, blue, and white, very springy and smile inducing. It actually matches the pajamas I also bought.

Speaking of which, why would you need a bra to match pajamas? Are there that many women who wander around in a bra and pj bottoms? Is it designed so that when you wear your green and blue bra and panties under a green striped t-shirt and blue jeans, you can still color coordinate when you switch to loungewear? I really want to know.

In any case, my grandmother, who always said you must always wear clean underwear in case you were in an accident, would be extremely pleased to know I’ve nothing to worry about after yesterday’s shopping excursion.

Got Zombies?

Yes, it’s Easter, and what better way to celebrate than with the first teaser for 3 Days Later a movie-length parody of the famous musical Jesus Christ: Superstar?

Okay, chocolate would taste better, but would it catch you between laughter and fear of going to hell? Probably not.

A good friend of mine is one of the creative minds behind this, but even if that wasn’t the case, I’d HAVE to share: