Unconscious Mutterings #268

I say… And you think… ?

  1. Money ::for nothing
  2. Unhappy :: uninspired
  3. Joking :: around
  4. Chipmunk :: cheeks
  5. Date :: movie
  6. Slideshow :: vacation
  7. Chicago ::Cubs
  8. Lifetime :: guarantee
  9. Skid row ::Audrey
  10. Edward :: Bear

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2 thoughts on “Unconscious Mutterings #268

  1. Oh yours were the best responses yet, MsMeliss. I love Money:: for Nothing (Dire Straits is one of the all-time-best bands) and unhappy – well, your response is positively inspired. Chicago::Cubs and Edward::Bear. . .well, what can one say? I don’t understand Skid Row::Audrey, but then I don’t need to. Looking forward to reading more of your blog in future.
    (And I would love to be an amateur cellist, but I haven’t made the effort to do more than admire the music of the instrument and its practitioners yet)

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