Indulging in Geekiness

So, I bought something today. No, not a back rack, because while they’re useful things, they don’t really work on Subaru Foresters.

No, what I ordered today was the latest offering from Brent Spiner. It’s called Dreamland, and it’s a CD, but it’s more than just music – it’s also a radio play and a stage musical (albeit without the actual, you know, stage).

I’ve listened to some of the clips from the CD that are available online, and, a couple of weeks ago when I was stuck in bed sick, sat through the intro video that is running on his site and on YouTube (and is embedded below, because I’m all about spreading the geekiness around), and I’m really looking forward to the physical disc.

And yes, I sprang for the personalized, autographed copy.
Because if you’re gonna geek, you should go all the way.

Oh, and, to make it EVEN GEEKIER…many of the characters are voiced by Mark Hamill


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