Fog and Carpet

We went to bed later than anticipated, as sometimes happens, and I was hot when I finally fell asleep after swallowing a melatonin tab and four ibuprofen, but when I woke up I was freezing. I hate that.

I love waking to gentle fog embracing the world, however. Fog and mist feel like magic to me, softening all the blurry edges and allowing me to see the world in soft focus. I snapped pictures of the peach tree in the fog – it’s in blossom – but I can’t find the USB cable I removed from the box not two days ago, so I can’t upload them til later, because neither laptop has a flash card reader (though the desktop does).

As I was steeping my tea, the carpet guys pulled up, though they haven’t yet come to the door or left their truck. It’s all good. I’m not in a rush.

I’m working in the living room today, and there’s no tv or radio on, so I can hear birdsong from both the back and front yards.

It may be Tuesday, but it feels like Monday should have been.