Change is good…

I’m off to get my hair re-pinked, and I’ve just been playing with my site design (yes, again), because I liked the African Safari theme, but it was feeling dark and heavy, and sometimes I like whitespace.

I’m not sure if I’m going to keep the above image – it is both a nostalgic choice (when I was at USF we had regular midnight trips to the Mel’s on Geary on Thursdays, since none of us had Friday classes before 11 AM), and a play on my name, and I like retro and vintage. I have a thing for classic, vintage pin-ups as well, because they’re fun and flirty and I see them as empowering rather than objectifying. I mean the painted pin-ups, not actual photos.

Did you know there were several successful female pin-up artists?

Now you do.

Anyway, it’s the day before Easter, yes, but I think it’s okay for my blog to be wearing white a little early.

Happy Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Change is good…

  1. Your words make your header image sound really interesting, but all I can see are the words “Miss Meliss: Escribition header image 2” under a thick black line. Pout!

    Is this the trip for total pinkage? Or did you talk yourself out of that?

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