All Pink

Every so often, it’s good to unplug the computer, step away from the mass of CAT5e cables that wend their way through our house, and spend a few hours being completely girlish.

Today, Natalie and I bleached my hair all the way out to platinum, or most of it. She didn’t take the ends all the way out because they were pretty saturated, and she didn’t want to melt my hair. Of course, the very ends ended up on the floor, as we cut off five inches, leaving me with a sassy, flirty atomic pink bob.

To me, it doesn’t seem that different, except under fluorescent lights, when the very top is kinda purple. but not really. And yes, I know y’all want pictures, but I don’t generally put identifiable pictures of me on my blog, so those who desperately need them will see them via email or a locked LJ post.

After I get my eyebrows waxed.

It must look pretty cool to other people, because when we walked into Sushi Zone for dinner, the woman at the next table said, “Oh, my god, you have the best hair. You must stop and let me stare at you. You’re beautiful.”

I’m not, of course, but it was cool to feel so for a bit.

Also, the sushi was excellent, the service was great, and we’re so going back.

In other news, I bought four bras and a pair new pajamas.
Never underestimate the importance of good bras.
Or pretty pajamas.