Laundry Day

The problem with having all the laundry done is that I really don’t have space for everything. Take my underwear drawer for example. While I’m not a fan of lacy lingerie, I do like pretty underwear. It’s cotton, but it’s in fabulous colors, even the bras. When it’s all clean, however, the drawer is full to the brim.

Right now, even though not all the the laundry is clean (I’m still doing laundry) about the only thing my underwear drawer doesn’t hold is bustiers, not because they won’t fit, but because I haven’t had one in years.

How, you may wonder, can one have pink hair, and not own a bustier?
It’s a good question.

I shall have to work on an answer.

Alternatively, a shopping trip could work.

Fuzzy keeps reminding me that I said I had to get rid of one thing in order to add one thing. The problem with that is that I got rid of hanging things and added folding things, last time.

Well, it was a good thought.