Other Women get Jewelry Boxes

…and I’ve been telling Fuzzy I need one for months, and half-expected he’d buy one for Christmas, except that I said I wanted to pick it. Today, he called me over to an aisle in Target (of all places) that I hadn’t even planned to visit, and said, “Look at these.” And so I did.

Paige - view3
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What I saw was a shelf full of jewelry armoires. The one he’d eyed was called “Abigail,” but it was a little to prissy and Colonial for me. (Coincidentally, my parents’ chihuahua is also called Abigail, and while she’s not Colonial, she is prissy.) A few options down the row was the “Paige” model, which sports the clean lines that I love in styles like Mission, Shaker, and Danish Modern (not that those are at all similar, mind you, because they all interpret clean lines in different ways). “Paige” is very square, with metal fittings that aren’t fussy, and even though she doesn’t match the wood of our bed and my dresser, she blends well enough. I don’t believe everything has to be matchy-matchy. Sometimes having something that doesn’t match can be a pleasant surprise.

Paige - view 4
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She was on sale for $49 (which, incidentally, is only $15 more than I paid for a more conventional, dresser-top jewelry box that I bought for my mother in 1980), and since she’s an armoire, she doesn’t clutter the dresser-top but occupies a section of wall near Fuzzy’s dresser (which we had to move down the wall some, but it’s all good.).

Despite balking about it initially, after he was plied with chips, queso, sweet tea and a chimichanga from Don Pablo’s, Fuzzy put her together for me, and I spent a pleasant hour hanging all my jewelry. The bottom drawer is filled with perfume samples. The second from the bottom holds my bandannas.

Paige - view 2

Paige - view 1
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The Problem with Target

…is that they sell everything, and then some, and even though you go in looking for something cheap and innocuous, you end up leaving having spent half a million dollars.

This evening, we did just that. I wanted to pop by Starbucks for coffee filters and and a latte, dash into Target to look at sports equipment (I’m shopping for a home gym) and juicers (the basic automated orange squeezing type) and sunglasses, and we ended up coming home with 2 pairs of sunglasses, a new bath pillow, a plastic bin specially designed to hold rolls of wrapping paper, another large purple storage tub, slippers, flip flops, underwear and socks for Fuzzy, a pepper mill, a juicer and a jewelry armoire.

Along the way, we also looked at battery operated raptor toys, floppy gardening hats, home theater popcorn machines (I wanted one), chocolate fondue fountains, a lovely dining table and console table in espresso colored wood, a coffee-and-cream microfiber office chair (that I should have bought, but didn’t), and wine.

Who knew Target even sold wine? And while some of it was gross, cheap, wine, some of it was actually pretty good, if you’re adventurous and like to try boutique wines from small, predominantly Californian vintners. (I do.)

It was a fun trip.

And at least we got the juicer.