So, I bought a new toy…

No, it’s not a can crusher, although the way Fuzzy goes through warm Sunkist, we could certainly use one.

I bought a home gym. Specifically, I bought this home gym, because while I initially wanted an elliptical, I realized I do I lot of walking already, either in the living room with the dvd, or outside with the dogs (except that the weather’s been awful lately), and I desperately need to work on upper body strength and tone.

We went and looked at the various machines on Thursday, after I’d looked online for several days, and on Friday, Fuzzy picked it up after work. Today, of course, I spent the afternoon at Aveda (my toenails match my hair now), and then we went to David’s Seafood Grill, which used to be Rockfish, but hasn’t been for over a year now, and I had poblano chili soup, and seafood enchiladas and a glass of shiraz, and Fuzzy had what he always has: cedar plank salmon and a house salad with blue cheese dressing, and if he’s ever done in the bathroom, we’re going to put the thing together.

And I can cancel my Curves membership, which is fabulous because they’re only open at funky hours, and I’m really sick of the Christian workout music they play…there’s something really wrong with any version of Amazing Grace that involves synthetic drums and a disco beat, you know?

(But maybe we should re-think the notion of a can crusher.)