Thursday 13: 0801.03

Thirteen Things about MISS MELISS
Things that are Orange

1) Oranges: sipping hot tea and eating navel oranges while absorbed in a good book, late at night, is one of my favorite ways to spend personal time.
2) Gerbera Daisies: Vibrant, brilliant color, delicately formed.
3) Goldfish: the animal, not the cracker. They may be the lowest of fish, but they’re beautiful.
4) Carnelian: I have a necklace and earrings of carnelian that I bought at Faire a couple years ago. They make me feel powerful.
5) Candy Corn: I know it’s pure sugar, but once a year, it’s delicious.
6) Whipped Yams: Plain, with brown sugar, or laced with bourbon. I’m not picky.
7) Sunsets: the last orange rays of daylight.
8) Flames: the crackling, flickering light of fire.
9) Creamsicles: tangy, sweet-tart, creamy goodness. On a stick.
10) Live Preservers: especially as seen in shark documentaries from the 70’s.
11) The Golden Gate Bridge: it’s really orange. The paint, I mean. No, really.
12) Carrots: crunchy. And healthy.
13) Jingle Shells: we used to call them mermaid’s toenails, when we were kids. They’re those pale orange nearly translucent shells.

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