Bed of Roses?

If only it were as easy to redecorate a real home as it is to do so in The Sims, I would be able to feed my constant redecorating urges so much more simply. And cheaply.

One of my urges involves my bedroom. Fuzzy and I bought a bookshelf headboard several years ago, and even though I’m sick of it, he refuses to budge. My fantasy bed is a sleigh bed. Failing that, one of those adjustable beds that make using bed for things other than sleeping (I’ve been known to work from bed for a week at a time, most recently when we had a cold spell and Zorro was sick, and I just didn’t want to leave the warmth of flannel sheets and flannel pajamas.) so much more comfortable would be great.

I’m told you can even use them with clunky bookshelf headboards.

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