Tuesday Twosome – 0708.21


  1. Do you check your email once a day or more? Explain: More. I completely do not understand people who only check email once a day. I almost never turn it off.
  2. When you receive SPAM emails, do you just delete them or take the time to mark it as SPAM? Explain:
    I try to mark them, but sometimes I’m in a hurry.
  3. When a friend/acquaintance emails you a “forward” email like a joke or chain letter, do you forward it to your friends or just delete it? Explain:
    Generally? Read, delete, move on. Unless something is so original and funny that I’ve never heard it before AND it makes me laugh.

  4. Who are two people whose emails you look forward to receiving? Explain:
    Oh any of my real life friends, but Sky and our family friend Helen most of all.
  5. Do you believe that email has completely replaced other forms of communication? No. And I hope it doesn’t. Email is great for immediate contact, but there’s something so satisfying about a really thick letter, or a phone call.

What TWO things come to mind when you think of:

The Zoo: Pacing tigers and stoic gorillas
The Beach Surf and sand
The Mall Noise and the scent of caramel corn
The Weekend Sleep and comedy
The News Violence and weather

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Twosome – 0708.21

  1. I pretty much share your approach to handling email. I get so much at work that my job could be seen as handling email if I didn’t organise it well!

  2. So glad you played with us!

    Enjoyed your answers. Come back next week.

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. I know! Who are these people who only check email like once a week? How do they survive? :)

    You have a very nice looking blog! I love your theme.

    I played Tuesday Twosome this week, too. I also have a new meme I’m trying to start up:

    Click here for my blog

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