Thursday Thirteen: 0708.23

Thirteen Things about MissMeliss
Thirteen Things that Begin with O

  1. oatmeal – Comforting, healthy, warm – what’s not to love? I like mine with milk, honey, and a little wheat germ.
  2. obsidian – Black. Jet black. And full of mystery.
  3. ocean – The sea is in my blood, and vice versa. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t feel like the ocean was a part of me. I miss it.
  4. October – My favorite month. The air is cool and crisp, the leaves turn to riotously beautiful colors then fall so you can crunch through them, and Halloween caps it off.
  5. octopus – The only sushi I won’t eat, because octopi are intelligent creatures. Also the texture is gross.
  6. Oklahoma – The musical, not so much the state. I like the old movie, but I love the Hugh Jackman-as-Curly version as well.
  7. olives – black, green, Kalamata, Spanish, I don’t care. I love them.
  8. ontology – The study of knowing what is knowable – how cool is that?
  9. oolong – I like most teas, but this is one of my standards. Also, it’s fun to say.
  10. orange – The color, and the fruit. The first is fire, sunshine, and happiness, the second is sweet, tart, citrus joy in a glass.
  11. oregano – A staple in my kitchen, I put it in almost everything. It smells like home.
  12. origami – I’m terrible at this because I’ve never really spent the time to practice, but I love the art form. It’s also the name of a great sushi place in Minneapolis.
  13. ott lights – The best lights ever for doing anything craft-y because they’re so much like real sunlight.

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7 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: 0708.23

  1. the best oatmeal i ever had was in Edinburgh…OMG! Delish!!!

    Funny…I’ve given up eating octopus for that very same reason…trying to stop eating squid, too!

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