Thiiiiiis is my birthday post…..

Today – Friday the 17th of August – is my 37th birthday. Can you still have pink hair and wear sneakers or Tevas most of the time when you’re 37? Well, *I* can, so apparently it’s possible.

A few years ago, I spent my birthday visiting friend’s blogs and leaving virtual gifts for them. I had a lot of fun, and they seemed to enjoy it as well.

And so this year I’d like to do it again.

Here’s the catch:

You have to tell me you want a visit.

I’m enabling Mr. Linkies on this post. If you want a visit from the Birthday Faerie, leave your link. (If you’re reading this at LJ or OD, leave a comment / note, please.)

And if you want to help make MY birthday deliriously happy, leave a comment sharing a favorite birthday memory of your own.

(And if you’re looking for my Thursday 13, it’s the next post down.)

19 thoughts on “Thiiiiiis is my birthday post…..

  1. Hello, Michele sent me.

    I find it hard to believe I’ve never been here before despite seeing your name plastered across Michele’s comments (like the rest of our’s)

    Anyway, I’ve seen this Virtual Birthday thing around lately. I may have to try it out come November. That gives me 3 months to develope a fan base.

    Maybe next year.

  2. First “Mr. Linky” and then a comment? Why all this extra work? You would think it was your birthday or something…

    Oh wait, it is! So, Happy Birthday Ms. Fabulous with the pink hair and sneakered feet. Really, I want you to have a wonderfully amazing memory-inducing day. I will drink a glass of wine in your honour – really, I do it for YOU. And yes, I expect the favour returned with Japanese beer.

    When I was fourteen years old I was deeply and madly in fourteen-year old love with Dennis Mills. The fact that he was three years older than me, and lived four provinces away, did not stop me from inviting him to my birthday celebration. There was no response, so I assumed he must be coming and told all my friends so. Well, the day comes and there is a knock on the door. A beautiful bouquet of flowers were delivered with a note that read, “Sorry, I couldn’t be there. Love, D.” I was thrilled. Love was found in a bouquet.

    Two years later. I am sixteen, and I spend the summer at my great-aunt’s home. Once again Dennis appears. His family lived across the street from my Aunt and Uncle. I thanked Dennis for for the flowers. He looked confused, but he didn’t deny it and that summer became what I now refer to a s the “Dennis summer.”

    It was not until several years after that my grandfather admitted that he sent the flowers so that I would not be disappointed on my birthday. It remains one of my favourite birthday stories, because I discovered that real love CAN be found in a bouquet when it is sent by a man that loves you like only a grandfather can.

    Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss Meliss.

  3. Happy Early Birthday..I would love a visit lol.

    My favorite bday memory was when I turned 16 my mom gave me this gold heart locket & chain that belonged to my grandmother(her mother)& it had her piture in it I cried so hard in a happy way becasue I never got a chance to meet my grndmother she died before I was born with that locket I always felt like I always had her with me..I hope you have a wonderful bday

  4. When I was seven, I got a letter a few days after my birthday (dated ON my birthday), from the MS Readathon telling me that I was my “regional” winner, and that I would be getting a tour of Paramount Studios and having lunch with Henry Winkler.

    THAT’S a birthday gift. :)

  5. Happy Birthday to you!! Have a great day!
    My favourite birthday memory is when I got a cake in the shape of a cat for my 21st birthday. It was in the colours of my own cat and I loved it! Almost sorry to cut it, but I made lots of pics. :-)

  6. Happy Birthday!
    I think pink hair at 37 is perfectly fine. 37 and a half–then you might want to rethink it. :)
    Have a great day. Michele sent me.

  7. Wow! Michele visited you!!

    I had to tell you that I had pink hair at 36 — just a few months shy of 37 — and I’ll do it again in a heartbeat. And I’m older than 37 now. (ouch, that hurt to admit.)

    Happy birthday, MissMeliss! I hope it’s a great day!

    Come on back to West of Mars whenever you like. You’re always welcome there.

  8. Michele sent me to say hello, and to wish you a happy birthday.

    One of my best birthday’s was my 40th. My wife wanted so much to through me a surprise birthday party, but she knows I hate surprises. She asked me if she could plan my birthday party and make it a big occasion; rent a hall, hire a DJ, have lots of decorations, etc. I agreed and it was really great.

  9. Happy Birthday! I figure you cna have any colour hair you want and wear sneakers after you are 37 too!

    My favourite birthday memory is coming downstairs to find a new bike for my 8th or 9th birthday. I was thrilled. It was not until many years later that I learnt that my parents had never been particulalry rich and my father had just been made redundant. So he had bought an old rusty bike that was still sound and had stripped and cleaned and sprayed adn oiled and re-assembled it all himself. For me. I loved that bike and I love that he put so much work into it so I could have one. The best gifts don’t always carry the biggest price tags in terms of money.

    Hope you have a great day and I would love it if you popped by my blog, but then I always love it when people visit :)

  10. I don’t remember the exact birthday to which this memory is attached, but I had a slumber party with three or four of my best friends. We stayed up late and watched “Attack of the Giant Leeches” on this cheesy regional West Texas late night horror program called “Project Terror.” I remember lots of laughter and lots of junk food. It was a great night!

    Happy, happy birthday, Divine MissMeliss!

  11. Happy Birthday!

    How dare you even think to let age define your hair color! People don’t go naturally gray anymore, why should you give up your pink?

  12. Thanks for the visit to my blog, happy birthday. I am 41 on Saturday, and yes pink hair is still okay. Mine was a red color until I buzz cut it off recently.

  13. Rock on with your bad self!

    Michele sent me last night but computerland didn’t let me leave a comment.

    Happy Birthday!

  14. Did I not comment??? Did I just sign Mr. Linky??? Oh how CRASS!!! I hope your birthday was everything and more :-)

    Happy belated birthday!


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