Spreading the Link Love

Apparently, my Thursday 13 post earlier today was also my 1500th public post at MissMeliss.com. I’m not sure if that’s worthy of celebration – I’d planned a giveaway for it, but since I didn’t even realize that was number 1500, it’s not going to happen.

However, even if you don’t think it’s worthy of celebration, I do. And what better way to celebrate than by sharing some link love, and introducing you to some new blogfriends, and some new sites from old blogfriends?

Buck Naked Politics is my favorite political blog because it’s educational without being patronizing, and liberal without being whiny.

The Synergizer is a new LiveJournal friend and fellow blogger for bucks. She’s sweet, smart, and insightful, and shares honest stories about balancing her job and her parenting duties.

Why Are You Stalking Me? is the new(ish) site of someone I’ve run into thanks to Michele’s Meet-n-Greets. She’s a little bit blunt in a refreshingly candid and hilariously funny sort of way, and while I’m just starting to read her again, I feel like I’ve met a kindred spirit.

Words @ Work is a tech-oriented blog written by one of the kindest bloggers I’ve ever wished I could invite to dinner (with his family of course), Carmi Levy, who is also an amazing photographer, which you can see if you visit his personal blog.

World War Two Talk is an excellent niche blog written by Ms. Eclectic herself, and way more interesting than any history class I’ve ever sat through.

Go check these folks out, and tell them MissMeliss recommended them, would you?

One thought on “Spreading the Link Love

  1. Congratulations! That is a lot of blogging..:D

    Isn’t it great that we make friends thus with peopl all over the world?

    Got here from Michele.

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