Sock It To Me

Striped Socks from Hue

While I wear flip-flops much of the time, when it’s cold or rainy, or the setting is inappropriate for sandals, I have a rule that my socks have to match what I’m wearing. Because of this I have an entire drawer of socks, tights, knee-high stockings – pretty much anything you can put on your foot that isn’t a shoe.

I really like trouser socks, because they’re thin enough for dressy shoes but still come in pretty colors and interesting patterns. Quite a lot of my socks are striped, in various colors. I’ll spare you the entire catalogue of them.

Just as I tend to go online to buy shoes, I also like to go online to buy socks. Hue socks are among the brands I know and like because their stuff is pretty, and their prices are great – 3 pairs for $15 for the cute striped socks in the picture.

Hue‘s offerings aren’t limited to socks, of course. They also sell cute pajamas and lounge wear, and tights. (May I just say, I love tights?)

Even cooler, they’re not limited to online shoppers. You can order them online (shipping is $5 per order) or you can find Hue socks in stores like Macy’s, Dillards, and Nordstrom.

Either way, your toes will be happy you tried Hue.