Musings on a Mid-Summer Saturday

Fuzzy got home just in time for us to grab a late dinner and then tumble into bed, last night, and so far, neither of us has actually left bed for very long, despite the fact that I’ve been blogging on and off all day. I so love having laptops at my disposal. And wifi. Yay wifi.

I’m trying to stay busy, because my skin is itchy everywhere. Showers don’t help, and moisturizers don’t either. Antihistamines knock me out, and then I wake up cranky, dehydrated, and still itchy (if slightly less so). I blame the mosquitoes who apparently think snacking on my succulent flesh is an uber-cool way to spend time.

I forgot, until we moved here almost three years ago, how much I hated mosquitoes.
We didn’t have them in California.

I don’t really miss the pace of life in California. I miss the weather, and the lack of bugs.
Oh, and the beach.

My Shark Week obsession this week has made me almost teary for sun, sand, and surf. Fuzzy and I really need a weekend away, where we can go snooze on the sand and dip our toes in blue water. Or rather, where I can, and he can hide inside. It’s all good.

I’m so itchy and crabby that I don’t want to go to CSz tonight because I don’t feel that I should be around people. My inner bitch might come out, and that shouldn’t happen in public. I think I will send an email and ask if we’re needed.

One thought on “Musings on a Mid-Summer Saturday

  1. Now you’re making me itchy. . . and kind of wanting to go to the beach, which I never want to do.
    Have a good evening. Out to buy shrimp, if they don’t look nasty, which they usually do.

    Here from M. Hope the itch goes away.

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