Cool, Crunchy, Crumple

Various weather folk were warning of temps around 103 today, but the indicator in my system tray never made it beyond 101, and when I stepped outside just a bit ago, to supervise the dogs’ post-dinner elimination excursion, the wind had picked up and the sky was veiled in mackerel scales. warns of thundershowers tomorrow and a very rainy Friday (My birthday! Yeah!) and it’s as if even Nature is gifting me this year.

Today on our morning walk, Miss Cleo the Ever Talented managed to ensnare a small dead tree-branch with her tail. It made a satisfying crunching sound when we finally untangled it from fur and leash, and I stepped on it to prove to her that it was really and truly dead.

There’s something really satisfying about crumpling used aluminum foil and pitching toward the recycling bin. It’s not quite as amazing as crumpling an aluminum can, mind you, but in terms of cheap pleasures, it’s at least on the list.

Fudgcicles are small plastic-wrapped frozen miracles on sticks. 40 calories, less than a whole gram of fat, and they satisfy the need for ice cream AND the craving for chocolate.

I’ve never been a fan of lettuce on sandwiches. Lettuce is great for wrapping tuna salad, or making a salad, but on sandwiches I prefer a bit more crunch. Proof it’s really my birthday this week? For the first time since we’ve been here, the neighborhood grocery store actually had alfalfa sprouts when I had Fuzzy stop for groceries on the way home last night. My turkey and muenster on multi-grain bread was so much better with the addition of sprouts and tomato slices. Yes, that was lunch.

If you have not visited Crumpler‘s website to look at their groovous array of funky laptop messenger bags, you should. I don’t actually own one (I want the The Dreadful Embarrassment in red or olive very badly), but my good friend Rana turned me onto them. Aside from the actual product though, there’s this option for PLAY CATALOGUE, and what ensues is the Crumpler ABC’s, and it’s hilarious. Go. Look.

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