Beach Houses on the Brain

I’ve long been a fan of “Coastal Living” magazine, even though I don’t live on the coast. I like to read about beach houses and bungalows, find out how people decorate in such a fashion that tracked-in sand won’t hurt the carpet or furniture, and see how they allow for weather.

Condo Hotels have intrigued me ever since I was introduced to the concept one summer on the Jersey Shore. I remember that we’d drive by this towering building every day on the way to or from the beach, and that my mother referred to it as The Monstrosity. (Monstrosity would become my first “big” word – I was all of two.)

Years later, I’d see the same building, complete, no longer looking like a stack of cinder blocks and cavernous gaps where rooms should be, and wonder what it would be like to live in a luxury condo overlooking the beach or the yacht harbor. As much as I prefer the notion of a beach bungalow at sand level, there’s something attractive about being up near the stars, and having the whole coastline as a view.

One thought on “Beach Houses on the Brain

  1. One of my fantasies is to live in a rose-covered bungalow on Nantucket. I lived in Ventura (CA) most of my life. Although I didn’t have a place on the beach, I did live in a beautiful old building on the riviera with a beautiful view. Priceless!

    By the way, Michelle sent me, and what’s weird is I’ve dropped in on you before via Blog Catalog. Small blog-world!

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