Abscess of Reason

Zorro Dog isn’t feeling well today, and I’m worried about him. He’s got some swelling under his left eye, and in dogs – especially in small dogs – such swelling is generally related to an abscess in the third or fourth pre-molar. Because chihuahuas have such small heads, their teeth are much closer to their brains than say, those of a rottie or lab, so if the abscess bursts it can lead to brain infection and death. (Actually, even if it doesn’t burst infection is a serious issue – dogs can lose eyes as well as teeth from stuff like this.)

Dental issues are fairly common in toy breeds. Because their mouths are so small, getting a toothbrush in there for regular cleanings is a challange.

Then there’s Zorro’s medical history. My plucky little street survivor has a history of ideopathic epilepsy, and while he hasn’t had a grand mal seizure since 2002, he did have an “absence” seizure just last Tuesday, during a storm.

Oh, and let’s not forget that he’s got a stage three heart murmur.

So, we are stressing – I am stressing – over the fact that we can’t bring him in until Saturday, and I don’t want to wait that long, and this is also going to be horribly expensive – his last trip to the doggie dentist was around $500 – and he’s ten, so he’s a senior dog, which has its own issues.

We’ve made the “no extraordinary measures” decision already, and I’m probably worrying over nothing, but it’s upset the entire tone of my day.

3 thoughts on “Abscess of Reason

  1. I’d be upset too… one thing we pet lovers understand is the helpless feeling as we try to do everything we possibly can for the little furbeasts we love. It’s hard not to worry about the worst. I try to remember that I am wrong as often as right. The little guy is lucky to have such wonderful care-givers that are watching after him so closely!

    This is my first visit to YOUR blog as well. And I love the art/pencil theme/look. Very clean and expressive!


  2. Oh I hope that Zorro pulls through for a little longer time with you…

    It is very stressing when these things happen… You’re in our thoughts!

    Here from Michele’s today, which is a warm (for Winter) afternoon…

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