Thursday Thirteen: 0703.15

Thirteen Things about MissMeliss
13 Shows I Love to Watch

  1. Degrassi: I started watching the original when I still was a teenager and it aired on our local PBS station, and I’ve come back to its current incarnation, which can be found, here in the States, on The N. While it does tend to wrap up issues within the half hour, it’s also full of talented kids playing interesting characters.
  2. The Dresden Files: I called this show “cozy paranormal” in comments on a favorite author’s LiveJournal, just a few hours ago. Based on a fabulous series of mystery/fantasy novels by Jim Butcher, and starring Paul Blackthorne and Terrance Mann, this is becoming my new favorite show. Quirky, funny, and nicely dark, the adventures of Harry Dresden, wizard, are never boring, and while it isn’t true to the letter of the books, it’s true to their spirit.
  3. ER: I know, I know. But I’ve been watching it for so long it seems a shame to stop now.
  4. Eureka: Another of SciFi’s shows. This quirky dramedy kept me watching all last summer, and I’ve read it’ll be back with a new season this year. Sort of like Northern Exposure with geeks and gadgetry.
  5. Gilmore Girls: I started watching it quite by accident, and instantly fell in love, I think because so many of Rory and Lorelai’s conversations remind me of me and my own mother.
  6. Heroes: Fuzzy and I had one show in the new line-up last fall, that we were both intrigued by, and this was it. Almost an entire season later, we’re even more into it than we originally were. I love that seemingly “stock” characters are given depth and dimension, that the teenaged character is played by an actual teenager, and that Greg Grunberg is in it.
  7. House: I caught an episode of this from 2005 one night when I thought Monk was going to be on. Hugh Laurie’s credible American accent, and his snarky style, quickly hooked me. Now? I’m watching new eps at the beginning of the week and prior-season reruns later in the week, and I cannot get enough of this show.
  8. Inside the Actors Studio: Caught more in reruns these days than original airings, it’s still one of my favorite shows on tv. A recent episode featuring Chris Rock changed my perspective on him, and the Mike Myers episode is one of my all-time favorites.
  9. Instant Star: Another Canadian kids show found on The N, this show about a teenaged girl becoming a rock star is just fun. Also, the music is surprisingly good.
  10. Lost: Even though forward plot momentum is not a strong point of this series, I’m still eager for each new episode. Tonight’s seemed a little too much like filler, but it was enjoyable filler. However, it must be said: More Sayid, please.
  11. Monk: Tony Shalhoub as the obsessive-compulsive San Francisco detective came into my life one day when we still lived in California, and I wasn’t feeling well. I spent a lovely afternoon on the couch watching a Monk marathon, and haven’t stopped watching since.
  12. Smallville: Despite the “no flights, no tights” policy the show has maintained since day one, I really enjoy this version of the Superman legend. Tom Welling is lovely to look at, and Michael Rosenbaum made Lex Luthor one of my favorite characters on television. I like that they’re blending the original comic book tales with original stories, and I get a kick out of the references to the various shows, movies, and body of work, that they drop into each episode.
  13. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: I may never forgive NBC if this doesn’t return – especially since they pulled it in favor of the suckful “The Black Donnellys.” While Stuido 60 is no West Wing, it had the potential to become a solid, steady, entertaining show. Also, the box is just not as compelling without Aaron Sorkin’s dialogue being spoken on a regular basis (preferably by Bradley Whitford).

Also of note: Both Stargates, and Project Runway, are shows I rarely miss when they’re on, but I’m a little miffed at the former, and the latter is between seasons.

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8 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: 0703.15

  1. I have not seen ANY shows on your list. I don’t watch television.
    I enjoy reading the lists about them.
    Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
    My TT is posted.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy TT’ing!
    (“)_ (“)Š

  2. My favourite Actor’s Studio was the Robin Williams one… well two. Only that man could have enough material to warrant two programmes, LOL

    And Stargate… well… It’s just finished here (I’m in the UK) – but luckily its on 6 *hour* repeats every day *grin*

    Kim TT Newbie

  3. I feel the same way as you do about ER :-)

    I also enjoyed Eureka, quirky is good!

    Heroes & Lost are definitely on my tivo list, love those shows. Last night on Lost? C’mon, who didn’t know Clair & Jack have the same daddy? And Sayid is hot…but dude, TRIM those fingernails! EEK!

    Like the new look!

  4. I love The Dresden Files — it just started over here a few weeks ago. Bob is my favourite.

    Heroes just started over here as well, and so far I’ve managed to not miss an episode. At the moment, I’m loving Matt the most.

    I’ve almost finished series one of House. Four episodes left. *twitch*

    I’ll stop now before I go all fangirl or something equally embarrassing. ;o)

  5. Oh MissMeliss.,..Here from Michele’s—we posted at the same time, and it looks like I skipped you but I didn’t….
    LOVE your list of shows…And I am SOOOO With you on Studio 60! I Loved this show and it better be back….Prayers to the NBC-Universal God’s…are needed, I’m afraid…Letters wouldn’t hurt—believe me. If they get enough of those letters, that show will be back. Ideally the best thing trhat could happen to it is that NBC moves it to it’s sister statoions…Bravo, or USA Network and then just let it alone for Sorkin to do his wonderful writing magic!

  6. I found myself nodding emphatically with this entry. On the surface, I appreciate almost all the shows that you do. But beyond that, I get the REASONING behind why you like or dislike a given show.

    The only addition I would make – which would bust the rules because it would be 14, which just can’t be – would be Friday Night Lights. I’m no football fan, but the gorgeously layered storytelling style of a tortured town and its tortured folk is beautiful on so many levels. I’m rarely stunned by a television show: I am by this one.

    And the soundtrack is pretty superb as well. The band, Explosions in the Sky, deserves wider airplay.

    I’ll step off my soapbox now. Your writing has that effect on me. Please don’t ever stop.

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