Pink Reflections

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So, I now own a MacBook, which I needed for work, so I could run some froufrou software that doesn’t have a Windows equivalent. With the exception of the lack of a right-click function (yes, I know you can hold a key and it does the same thing, however it’s NOT THE SAME) I quite like the mac, especially now that it’s been wrapped in a translucent pink techshell. All that white was hurting my eyes.

My VAIO has better video, mind you, but this is nice. Fast. And cute. And hey, with the plastic cover it matches my phone, and that’s a good thing.

This picture was taken with said pink phone, and it’s a reflection of my desktop monitor and the window, in the pink case. As photos go, it’s technically bad, yet somehow I like it.

3 thoughts on “Pink Reflections

  1. Welcome to the cult.

    Go to your mouse and keyboard preferenes pane. Under “trackpad”, check “tap trackpad using
    two fingers for secondary click.” Now it is perfect.

  2. Pink is perfection! I suggest, if you’re very locked into right-clicking (which is understandable, I’ve been a Mac-only person for six years and never got away from it) that you go ahead and invest in a Mighty Mouse. They’re really terrific, as they’re not two button, but but four. Highly functional.

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