Wrecks, Weddings, and Weekend Wrap-ups.

It took five hours to drive the 253 miles from our house in Grand Prairie to the Hotel Indigo in Houston, largely because of several car wrecks we saw on the way. I don’t know if Texas drivers are worse than other areas or if it’s just that everyone has to take the same route from point A to point B, but it was frustrating. For the record, coming home last night took just over three hours, including a pit stop at McDonald’s in Fairfield for elimination and fries.

The hotel, however was lovely, and I’d totally go back. Actually, I’ve seen apartments in Greenwich Village that are smaller and not as well appointed.

The wedding was – well, I hesitate to review a wedding – suffice to say it was seriously cool – the ceremony was funny, warm, genuine, irreverent, and heartfelt, the food was delicious, the flowers were gorgeous, and the bride was radiant. Not sure if you’re reading this, but I hope you and your new husband continue as you began, with laughter, love, and light hearts.

On the way home we stopped in Spring, which is an historic town north of Houston on I45. We browsed shops full of kitschy souvenirs, and then I fell into a hat store, which turned out to be owned by the woman who runs Stall 18 at Scarborough Faire. I bought two hats from her last year (one for my mother), and yesterday I added to my collection with a 1920’s-ish straw hat, adorned with silk flowers in mauve and antique rose. I love it.

Went to workshop and met all the new players – yay, we’re not the newest group any more! Developed a migraine half way through – my own fault, as I hadn’t eaten all day – so didn’t participate in the Five Things practice, but watched it intently. Did better than usual with What Are You Doing, offering “Shielding my thoughts from aliens” as a response to the suggestion “tin foil.”

Came home, had a cheeseburger and a cherry coke and some Excedrin migraine tablets, and curled up with laptops and dogs. And now?


2 thoughts on “Wrecks, Weddings, and Weekend Wrap-ups.

  1. Having driven in Texas and several other states…Texans are actually not half bad. At least, I never worried about someone opullign out a handgun and blowing my head off if I did something stupid when I was there. Here…it does cross my mind.

    I love the new blog template!

  2. Hesitating to rate a wedding.. might be a entrepreneur job in rating wedding. Wedding planner/ wedding reviewer so you do it all again if it wasn’t a perfect 10 the first time… ;)

    btw, did you know the amazon ad overlaps part of the comment box. I’m typing blind for part of this. Doesn’t seem to be a way to resize the window to not make it overlap…

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