Funny People

Friday’s zoo trip sent me down a meandering path of websites. As often happens, I first looked for further info about the lioness we’d taken pictures of, then about Bluebonnet the elephant, which sent me to various conservation sites, and then to the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus website, which in turn lead me to the Boss Clown Diary, a two-year almost-daily journal of the head clown from 2000-2001’s “blue” tour.

The clown in question David Solove wrote wonderfully engaging notes about each city he visited, via train or car, his feline traveling companion, Monkey, his clown friends, and general circus life.

As a result, not only do I want to go see the circus when it comes to town just in time for my birthday, in August, but I also have a new respect for clowns as performers. I never really appreciated their roles in either theatrical or American history before, but doing improv for almost a year has really changed how I look at a lot of things.

Solove has an email link on his website, so I sent him a note.
I hope he doesn’t mind.