Indigo Dreams

A friend in Houston is getting married this weekend, and after being sick on and off all year (so far), I’m really excited about getting away, even though it’s only overnight. We wanted to stay longer, but this is a bad weekend for that, so Fuzzy’s agreed I can book a weekend at a B&B in Galveston for later this spring.

In any case, Friday night we’re staying at the Hotel Indigo, recommended by the bride, and it looks fantastic. Their design theme is all very nautical, and their philosophy involves Fibonacci sequences and Phi, as well as the nautilus. The rooms all have cushy high beds with tons of pillows, hardwood floors, and frou-frou showers, and there’s a Starbucks in the lobby. The decor in the pictures is very similar to my own tastes, and has me wanting to paint the house. (We’re starting with the kitchen.)

I’m thinking about painting our bedroom blue. A cheery blue. With sneaker white trim. I like nautical colors – our bedding now runs toward nautical themes. Blue and that sunny-but-not-overwhelming Italian yellow. Happy colors.

Stayed up too late cleaning because I was wired. Off to work now.