Road Trips and Rabbit Ears

14-hour car rides are brutal, even with the people you’re with graciously let you sleep in the front passenger seat in exchange for navigation and disc-jockey duty. We left Texas later than planned on Saturday because I was vascillating about even GOING after all, and then at the vet/kennel we had to get medieval with Miss Cleo who took issue with being put in a cage. Mind you, these cages have soft beds, water, and heat, so they’re hardly uncomfortable, but Miss C. is clingy. Miss C. is also 27 pounds of Staffie/Poodle/Cocker/Chi, and has Very Sharp Teeth and Very Sharp Claws.

By comparison, Zorro Dogg went into his cage just fine, but was already plotting his escape twenty seconds later. I’m sure he’ll end up spending the weekend curled up on the pile of freshly-dried towels in the kennel laundry room. He’s sneaky that way.

Still, the look of betrayal in their eyes was horrible, and I missed them five minutes later.

Ah well, I’ll come home to puppy kisses and dogs who’ve had heartworm tests done without ME having to be the person with the muzzle.

* * * * *

Friday night’s CSz show rocked even though our audience was simply evil. (And I say this without malice, as I had friends in the front row). We’d made the decision to be over the top with energy, and had the most kick-ass warm up, ever, playing “Yes” in ways never played before, and full-contact Woosh! Bong!

We opened with Schoolyard Insults (“Defenestrating Lovely Calliope”) which we won, partly because our team has a bigger vocabulary, and partly because EL got brown-bagged.

We played Blind Line (which was probably the best we’ve ever done with that, having made the decision to use big characters, and having Bob (working sound) take our cues for “Back when we were in…” and initiate cut-scenes. We also played Interrogation, and I totally thought I’d get yelled at in notes for being too quiet, but Rob was kind – apparently if he laughs he forgives a lot). The blue team played Forward/Reverse and Arms Expert, the latter of which I really hate. It can be clever, but I just think it’s annoying. Forward/Reverse however, was amazing – watching TC almost get an anneurism pretending to lift things is never boring.

We played Five Things, which we lost, partly because the words were hard, and partly because we ran out of time. I was noted for not getting into the craziness at the end, for which I had a reason, but was told, “doesn’t matter.” So it won’t happen again.

Half time was spent catching our breaths.

Blue played the catch-up round, we all played Beastie Rap (which I love, because it’s quick and high energy), and we finished the night with Hey Waiter. And my team – Red – won, which is just groovous.

EL and I both believe we play better in red.
Rob thinks we’re both nuts.
I think we’re all right.

Went to dinner with just Fuzzy and BIL, and then ran into troupe-mates in parking garage. Chatted for a while. Gave my untouched side dish of pasta with mushrooms to J, because I’d taken it to go without thinking about it, went home, and went to bed.

* * * * *

We finally rolled into Sioux Falls around 2:15, and I vaguely remember stumlbing to bed, but it was so hot in here, and quiet and we were exhausted…Fuzzy’s still sleeping…everyone’s out at church now, and I’m posting this from someone’s unsecured wifi, since my aircard barely gets a signal.

Mind you, most of Nebraska is less singalfied than the Mojave desert, so this was not entirely unexpected.

I’m off to take a shower now, and oh – there are bunnies in the back yard hopping around and generally looking adorable. I miss wild bunnies.


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  1. I loved y’all’s Interrogation and 5 Things (even if it was a hard one). Forward/Reverse was also groovy. As was the Beastie Rap — though I couldn’t figure out how the scoring worked on that one.

    I hate betrayed puppy eyes (known at our house as boo-boo face). It’s the worst!

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