Woke up to head hurting, pressure like my brain’s going to explode, but not sinus, and feeling queasy and horrid.
Drank water and took pain meds.
Still feel like brain is pulsing.
Napped some.
Ate something.
Napped some more.
No change.
More pain meds.
More water.
And some cranberry juice.
Emailed CSz director, and let him know could not make show tonight.
(I feel *that* bad)
Called also, but he replied as I was leaving message.
More water.
Some tea.
Then more sleep.
I wish I could make the room darker.

2 thoughts on “*ouch*

  1. That sounds a lot like the migraines I used to get. Something weird, but it worked for me: if you can stand sound, try putting on some quiet instrumental music. Most can’t bear sound with migraines though, so dunno if that’ll be at all helpful.

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