There are worse things…

…than sleeping in til 12-ish on a Sunday…

Which we did…oh, we did, and it was blissful to just rest.

Once we’d stirred ourselves, we ran out to buy food for the furry family members, make a pilgrimage to Office Depot for a binder and pens (which, btw, was disappointing), have lunch and buy new pool toys, and even though Leslie’s is next door to Starbucks, I did NOT get coffee (or anything similar) today. In fact, I declared it was too hot for coffee. (At the time, the thermometer in the dashboard read 109. I don’t think it really WAS, but Forester Gump thought so, and we weren’t inclined to argue).

Came home, stuck the CSz manual into the afore-mentioned binders (after printing section header pages, and a pretty cover, because I’m anal that way), forced a bottle of water down my throat, cuddled the dogs, and went to Workshop, which was incredibly fun, despite me being really really slow about picking up the local variation of Zip-Zap-Zop.

While waiting for Fuzzy, I had a rootbeer float and oh god, there is nothing better than a rootbeer float on a hot summer day. I finished it in the car on the way to Cedar Hill where we FINALLY saw PotC2 (thought the post-credits scene was cute; heard there’s one after Superman as well), which I enjoyed, even though it lacked a real resolution. Could they maybe have flashed “TO BE CONTINUED” on the screen for those of us who couldn’t tell it was screaming “SEQUEL ALERT!” ?

And now, now it’s a bit after one, and Zorro and Cleo are telling me it’s time for bed.

And I quite agree.