The Technology of Blogathon 06

Rehena at OpenDiary asked me to clarify the tech I’m using today, and since I need a break from booktalk, I’m making it a post.

First, at home I have a desktop computer that is hardwired to DSL and has wifi access to my husband’s cable modem as a backup.
I also have a laptop that connects to the home DSL via wifi from within the house, as well as subscriptions to the wifi networks at Barnes and Noble and Starbucks, which, as most of my friends and readers know, are two of my most frequent haunts.

But this is DFW not Silicon Valley, so wifi isn’t available quite EVERYWHERE yet. So I ALSO have an aircard cellular modem that is attached to my Cingular account. It’s a pc-card but instead of using wifi it uses the GSM and EDGE networks. Pretty much if there’s a cellular signal, I have access.

But there are some places where popping open a laptop just isn’t practical. Like this morning at the salon, so for that I use my normal cell phone and a service provided by HipCast, which used to be AudioBlog, and should NOT be confused with the similar service provider AudBlog. My HipCast account allows me to essentially record a voicemail coded with a pin number, that is auto-posted to my blog as a link to an mp3. (It also has pod-casting setups, but I’ve yet to play with them.)

My next post will probably be a MoBlog (audio) post from the car.
In case you were wondering.

Any questions?