The Reading Room

I hadn’t intended to make my first Blogathon post from the bathroom, but when Nature calls it’s not always at the most opportune moments. And yet, it’s oddly appropriate. I mean, I come from a family of bathroom readers. In the tub, on the pot – location wasn’t relevant so long as there was something to read.

One of my most frequent childhood memories is of someone shouting, “Put the book down, I need to go, TOO,” and really, I think this is why I live in a house with 2.5 bathrooms – one for me, one for Fuzzy, and one for guests – the latter doesn’t come stocked with reading material, though.

So, here I sit. I dragged in a snack tray, which required the moving of a stack of mostly-finished novels, and the frightening away of two small dogs. I’ve got a loose theme in mind for the next 48 posts – 48 because it’s one per half hour PLUS a final on-the-hour post. People always forget that last one – I’ll be talking a lot about books I’ve read, how they impacted me, what my perennial favorites are. I’ve been a book geek for as long as I can remember, after all.

Of course, my theme ties in nicely with my chosen charity First Book.

And so, we begin, with me reminding all of you to please sponsor me, and inviting you to take my reading survey (it’s linked in the sidebar here at

Thank you, and happy reading.

2 thoughts on “The Reading Room

  1. Good morning, and good luck! Can’t wait to read about your books. :)

    I’ll get some kind of IM thing installed sometime today, I know that’ll help me in the wee hours!

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