Mushy Food and Much Fun

Tonight another of the newbies from my group at ComedySportz made his debut. I particularly liked some of his mime work – there were really nice bits of detail, and I could ‘see’ the object he was shaping and using. I liked that he gave it mass when he moved it.

I was sort of distracted during the show though, because I lost a filling and cracked a tooth the other day, and while there’s no pain in the actual tooth, the inside of my cheek is swollen and sliced to ribbons. I got teary during Freeze Tag watching as tonight’s playerz helped an audience member set up a marriage proposal to his (very) pregnant girlfriend, and it wasn’t just that I was moved, it was pain cutting in.

After the show, many of us went to Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner, which was tasty, although I couldn’t eat the bread because it requires too much chewing, and they were out of tiramisu. My chocolate sundae was nice, but there were nuts in the magic shell. Oh, well. At least pasta and mushrooms were mushy enough for me to eat.

It will be Wednesday before I can get to the dentist, because of work and the 4th, but the swelling’s already improving, and Blistex makes this great KankaPen thing that has a soft brush which dispenses novocaine gel into the furthest reaches of my mouth, and my cheek is already starting to feel a bit better.

So, all in all, it was a nice night.

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  1. Hope your mouth feels better…hahah I almost typed butter instead of better. HHAHAHA

    Here via Michele’s.

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