Last call?

My brain’s gone to mush and my eyes are barely staying open. I’m afraid to blink for fear I’ll not be able to lift my lids again, so if I miss anyone in this post, please forgive me.

To the folks to participated in the reading survey, thank you…I’ll be doing something with that a little later.

To my sponsors, both named and anonymous – some of you will be receiving gifts. Thank you so much for supporting me, and this cause. Those of you who chose not to share your identities are no less special, but I can’t gift ppl I can’t identify.

To Rehena, Rebelbelle, Selandra, Sky, Rana and Klae, and to my fellow blogathoners MyssK and Liz, and my monitor Elegy (even if you don’t like Jane Eyre) thank you for your conversation, comments, and presence.

To the folks from ComedySportz, thanks for the laughter. Not only did it reenergize me, but it also distracted me when I needed it.

And to Fuzzy, thank you for staying awake with me through most of the ‘thon, and for fetching me a venti soy chai at three in the morning.

Pledging is open for another 48 hours or so, so if you missed your opportunity, there’s time to catch up.

As for me? I’m going to sleep.

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