Jumping Jehosephat!

I couldn’t limit Little Women to one post.

One of the things that I liked about Jo, was that she was always her own person, which is why it annoyed me that her writing was put aside for the entire duration of Little Men as if her entire identity was now wrapped up in being Mother Bhaer. True, Alcott made her a successful author in the fourth book in the series (Jo’s Boys), but it wasn’t the same.

Even so, I’d have given anything to be one of the only girls at Plumfield. Daisy’s cooking lessons had me laughing, but also made me realize that even if you never cook, you should know how (men and women both) if only so you can survive. And I’ll admit, when I was nine, and had just started cello lessons, I had a bit of a crush on Demi and Nat.

Mostly, though, this book brings me back to my mother’s voice, soft lamplight, snow outside the window, and a single chapter each night NEVER being enough.

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